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“Because we’re a building society - run for the benefit of our members - you get a say in how we do things. Whether that’s the products we sell, the location of new branches or the charities we support.”  - Nationwide


Nationwide is the now the world’s largest mutual financial institution, the UK’s second largest mortgage provider, and one of the UK’s largest savings providers. We have a heritage, culture and ethos that remain unique, and of course, built on the solid foundation of mutuality.” 

Official Policies

Nationwide defines itself on the same spirit of mutual cooperation and community building which sparked its birth. They have no shareholders, and argue that this brings unique benefits to their customers. 

“We’re committed to being an ethical business. Every decision we make as a business is underpinned by our core values of decency, fairness and dependability. Doing the right thing for our members is at the heart of what we do.”

Since members voted back in 2007 to use 1% of their pre-tax profits towards funding community projects, Nationwide are now encouraging local solutions to the national housing crisis (see website for more details). Ethical Consumer recommends Nationwide Building Society as part of their Personal Carbon Divestment campaign, since Nationwide invests in housing rather than fossil fuels.

The ethos of the bank is summarized in Nationwide's annual report.

Extract from Nationwide Annual Report
  • Nationwide prides themselves on giving back. In the past five years they have provided more than £21 million to community and charity 
  • Their customers choose annually which projects Nationwide contributes to. In 2018 alone they contributed significantly to 24 organisations helping the homeless, the elderly, and refugees all across the UK. They discuss these at length on their website.


Nationwide is included in the UK Government run Current Account Switch service, with a guarantee of completion within 7 working days.

  • Current accounts: Nationwide has a comprehensive and user-friendly guide of how to switch a current account to their building society. Click here for a summary of the popular current accounts that Nationwide offer.
  • Savings accounts: Nationwide provide a breakdown of each of the types of savings accounts that they offer. Click on this link to view options.
  • Here's how you apply for a Nationwide credit card