Switching Advice for Students

Are you a student wanting to switch your bank away from those that finance fossil fuels? If you are in the process of completing your studies at university, chances are you have a student bank account with an overdraft. Depending on your bank, this may complicate the switching process. It may not be possible for you to transfer a student account for a number of reasons:

    • If you are in your overdraft, you will almost certainly be unable to switch bank until you have paid this overdraft off.
    • Some banks only allow you to open a student account if you have started university within the past six months – this includes Nationwide.
    • At present, Co-operative Bank and Triodos do not offer student accounts.

If you can’t switch your current account, don’t be disheartened! Keep ethical banking in mind when you are in a position to change, such as after graduation. If you have an savings accounts remember you can change these easily, as they don’t require an arranged overdraft. If you feel more informed or that you will consider more ethical banking choices in future do let us know via our feedback form on the BankSwitch page