Ecology Building Society


Ecology Building Society is a building society in the UK established in 1981. The Society is committed to achieving the greatest degree of environmental sustainability. It’s owned by our members and provide mortgages on environment-friendly properties and projects, funded through a range of simple, ethical savings accounts.

Official Policies

Ecology BS’s environmental and social policies can be found here. Their environmental policy reads:

“The mission of the Society is to improve the environment by supporting and promoting ecological building practices and sustainable communities. [...]Therefore a commitment to reduce our environmental impact and continually improve our environmental performance is at the core of our operations. We promote sustainability and environmental awareness at all levels of decision-making [...].

Ecology BS is a living wage employer and actively reduces the environmental impact of their business, including their operational emissions. They are accredited by the Fair Tax mark. 

Key projects

Ecology state: “Our impact isn't about the profit we make – it's about the difference we make to the environment and to communities across the UK.”

  • Since 1981 Ecology BS has lent to over 2,500 projects, supporting individuals, charities, environmental businesses and community-led housing organisations to realise their sustainable living ambitions. Find out more about these projects here.
  • In 2017, Ecology BS lent £28.2 million to support 232 sustainable properties and projects - 78% of these were to residential projects. 


Ecology offers three types of savings accounts, two of which they currently accept applications for:

  1. Easy Access account: pay in and withdraw whenever needed, save up to £75,000 and receive the same interest rate whatever your balance. Here is the leaflet.
  2. Regular Savings account: limited access monthly savings account, save between £25 to £250 a month via Direct Debit, up to a maximum of £3,000 per calendar year.

To open an Easy Access account, read all relevant leaflets on Ecology BS’s website, complete the Easy Access application form and post to: Ecology Building Society, 7 Belton Road, Silsden, Keighley BD20 0EE. Scanned copies are not accepted.