Positive Investment is an internationally-facing movement, and we now have chapters located at various universities around the UK. If the movement interests you, please get in contact with one of our chapters. We are always keen to add more voices.

Some key points of information:

  • We are high impact, trying to make change in smart and effective ways. We tend to describe ourselves as ‘radical pragmatists’!
  • We are expanding, and over the past two years have added Imperial College London, UCL, Oxford, and Edinburgh to the Positive Investment banner.
  • We have also worked with other groups in colleges across the USA, particularly on the 2016 Exxon Mobil and Chevron AGMs.
  • Any general questions? Contact us at


Positive Investment Cambridge (PIC) started 5 years ago. PIC has been working closely with the university & college bursars through close, honest and powerful conversations, and through an Ethical Investment Working Group. This work had quite a lot of influence, leading to the university changing its investment policy at the end of 2016, in ways PIC had proposed.



At PI Oxford, we promote the adoption of investment strategies that are values-based, meaningful and financially sound. We take a research-based and collaborative approach to implementing investment solutions that can help make the world fairer and less fossil fuel-dependent. We advocate for the re-allocation of capital to green and/or social projects; the minimisation of climate-related financial risks; strong shareholder engagement on issues that matter; and an end to debt financing of carbon intensive growth. Our current projects include commissioning a short educational course on responsible investment to be delivered by the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment.


Imperial College London

At Responsible Investment Imperial (RII) we aim to raise awareness of responsible investment in Imperial College and the UK by organising events. We collaborate with other chapters under Positive Investment. In May we are hosting our first conference, ‘Defining Financial Responsibility in a Changing World’ – follow the link below!