Our story

Positive Investment has a storied history. From our origins in Cambridge as a student divestment movement, to the front page of the Independent, the campaign has achieved a lot in the 5 years it has been active. Highlights have included global news coverage – in The Guardian, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and, of course, the The Independent – initiating the first comprehensive review of the University of Cambridge’s ethical investment guidelines in nearly a decade, and leading meetings with top industry professionals.

After our work in Cambridge, we realised that we needed to tackle the challenge at a global level if we were to be truly effective. We connected with friends and allies at other universities and financial institutions to help spread the  approach more widely.
Within this process, Positive Investment was born.

In the successes that have already been achieved, we have gained an understanding of how much impact can be had in this arena. Rather than reducing the number of our objectives, we have discovered just how much can be done.

We see a need for an international movement on sustainable and socially just finance, and we work collaboratively with other campaigns. Our core team comprises campaigners and researchers of all stripes. We foster debate, disagreement, and discussion, but we also take decisive action when there is an opportunity to make a real impact.

We have achieved much, but we are always in need of new hands.